Nov 20 2012

Sunday's Child: David’s Last Words, a Reflection on 2 Samuel 23:1-7

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It's ironic in a way (or, is all irony in a way?) that this lection was chosen for Christ the King Sunday. The kings in the Old Testament, including David, had faults and had those faults pointed out to them by the prophets. Kings had their place but they weren't perfect.

That being said, I like this reading -- not for the anticipation of Christ the Son in the Triune God--but for its reminder of the kind of earthly king that God expected, the kind of king that would act in such a way as to do God's will to protect the people.

God promised eternal protection for David and David's descendants (also see 2 Samuel 7 for this promise and David's response.)

Note: verses 6-7 are pretty scary and may remind us of last Sunday's readings.

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