Nov 15 2012

Perspectives: Confessing and Reconciling: One Body Through the Cross

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Bishop Kenneth Carter calls United Methodist bishops to the difficult tasks of confessing the church's collective sins and seeking reconciliation at all levels.

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  1. d

    It is interesting that you would recommend Carl Braaten who also wrote “The Aroma of an Empty Bottle” and “Open Letter” by Carl Braaten. He stated at the NALC conference “Seeking New Directions for Lutheranism” :
    “We are at a crossroads where our theological tradition and the teaching of the Christian faith are being placed in jeopardy,” the Rev. Dr. Carl Braaten told the conference. Braaten is one of the most respected Lutheran theologians in the world.

    Carl Braaten is a Lutheran CORE representative and fully supports the New North American Lutheran Church that split from the ELCA

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