Nov 13 2012

John Meunier: And the idea needs a name, too

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I serve in a county full of small churches, almost all with part-time pastors and very limited resources. I had this thought yesterday that I want your help with.

I may be wrong, but I do not believe most of our very small churches are capable of reinventing themselves on the fly into congregations that reach the rising generations. The analogy is sometimes made of redesigning the airplane while it is flying. I may be too pessimistic about God, but I think most of our smaller congregations will crash if they try to do that. And yet, we must reach those we have failed to reach.

In the midst of puzzling about this, I had a thought that is still very embryonic. Could a handful of small churches hire and support an individual whose task is to reach the people that those churches cannot reach?

What would be required in terms of finances and other support for a number of small churches to come together to support the work of a freelance missional pastor like that?

What kind of salary would be needed? What UMC bureaucracy would have to be worked through? How specifically would you shape such a person’s job description (for lack of a better word)?

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