Nov 12 2012

agentorange: a post for my wife: overwhelmed

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i had some time this weekend to finally go through months of family video and so some archiving for the home movie collection.  in doing so, i also finally got to complete a project that i've been thinking about for awhile.  actually, i've been thinking about it ever since i first saw that sam adams commercial.  you know the one with that song "overwhelmed?"  they just play the chorus in the commercial, but the first time i saw that commercial, i immediately looked it up because i loved the song so much, and when i found it i downloaded the whole song, only to discover that it is a song written about his wife by tim mcmorris.  as soon as i heard the whole song, i knew that i wanted to make a video using that song.  it is perfect.

and so i finally did.

to my awesome wife:  your spirit and joy and love are overwhelming.  in a good way.  i love you. 

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