Nov 13 2012

Trinity United Methodist Church | Blog: “…a polite thank-you note to God”

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Dr. Michael DentGrounded in GratitudeDr. Michael Dent / November 13, 2012
Author Annie Lamott grew up in an atheistic home.  Her family never said grace before a meal.  Something within told her as a young child that everyone at every table needed blessing and encouragement, but it did not happen in her home.  Annie had a sense of the divine presence who heard prayers and was closely connected to the cares and hearts of human beings.

One day Annie ate dinner with a child friend who was Catholic.  Her family all prayed aloud together before dinner, “Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts…”  Annie writes of that significant experience, “I was so hungry for these words; it was like a cool breeze, a polite thank-you note to God, the silky magnetic energy of gratitude.”

Now as an adult, Annie and her sister and brother, are all middle-age and all are Christians of one flavor or another.  At the holiday table they always give thanks, “acknowledging that the food didn’t just magically appear:  Someone grew it, ground it, bought it, baked it; wow.”

Annie Lamott’s latest book comes out this month.  It is appropriately entitled, Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. I love it!  How do you say thanks?  How is your life grounded in gratitude? For what are you grateful?

November 18 is Gratitude Sunday at Trinity – a day to give genuine thanks as we sing, pray, share, speak, and present our Gratitude Cards for the year ahead.  How will you give thanks in the next week?

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