Sep 05 2012

Next Step Evangelism: Kingdom Life Healing Ministries Event

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Encountering the God Who Heals


A Kingdom Life Healing Ministries Event


This is a great opportunity to work with a very gifted woman…



Dr. Bobby Cabot

The Healing School

October 23-27, 2012

Bear Lake Manor

7812 Main Street

Bear Lake, MI 49614





The Healing School, led by Rev. Dr. Bobby Cabot,  is a 3 ½ day event which combines cognitive, spiritual and experiential components in order for all participants to learn about healing and experience the Healing Christ themselves.

The Healing School focuses primarily on inner healing.  Sometimes called “healing of emotions,” or “healing of memories,” inner healing is a unique ministry which only Christ can do.  The human facilitator is just that – the one who helps the person receiving prayer come into the presence of Christ for His divine touch.




◊ The God who Speaks
◊ Distorted Images of God
◊ Structures of Inner Healing
◊ Dysfunctional Behavior
◊ Emotional Upheaval
◊ Lies we believe about God, ourselves and others
◊ Forgiveness


First Time Attendee:  $240

Early Bird Special: (Before September 10) $195

Couples:  $375 ($105 savings)

Alumni:  $175

Meals: $48 (3 dinners, 4 lunches – order in advance)


For more information contact:   KLHM Registration ~ 12318 Smith Street ~ Bear Lake, MI 49614                 231.557.0166


Those coming from out-of-town may make reservations at the motel of your choice. Early registrants may be put up complementary in host homes.


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