Aug 05 2012

Sunday's Child: Unity though Diversity, a Reflection on Ephesians 4:1-16

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1. Be true to your destiny while remembering that unity is essential.
2. Unity does not mean that we are all alike.
3. Church members have different gifts.
4. Christ intends for grownups to be grownups.
5. Christ intends for the church to be grownup.
Ralph P. Martin has written a commentary on Ephesians as part of the Interpretaion series. This list is my heavily reworded summary of his summary of 4:1-16.  

I recommend you read his commentary. He describes the first three chapters of Ephesians as a rather idealistic picture of the church--one that can help us see what we should be working towards.

The last three chapters are in Martin's terms "ecclesiology brought to earth"; that is, some harsh realities--harsh, yet not insurmountable. 

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