Aug 08 2012

A Naked Alien: Dear Church-goers: CUT. IT. OUT.

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Stop lying! Speak only the truth to your neighbor for we all belong to each other. Who's my neighbor? EVERYONE!

It's OK to be angry, but don't let it lead you into sinning against each other or God! Don't go to bed angry and sleep with Satan.

Stop taking what isn't yours! You didn't make that. You didn't earn that. Work hard so that you can help those in need.

Quit sniping, gossiping and bullying people! If you can't say something to build someone up, to heal, to be a gift of grace to the hearer, then don't say anything at all.

Don't be such a pain in the Spirit's holy butt! It was placed upon you as a sanctifying seal.

Stop your poisonous, cancerous, malicious ways! Be kind. Be soft. Be merciful. Isn't God kind to you? Isn't God your soft place to fall? Isn't God merciful with you?

Be a baby! Imitate your Father/Mother until it becomes natural to you.

Be love! Remember that our Brother and Savior submitted himself to horror and death for us - a broken alabaster jar releasing a fragrant sacrifice, an incense to God.

(Retelling of Ephesians 4:25-5:2)


1. How am I a lying, angry, stealing, bullying, holy pain?
2. How am I a cancer in my congregation, my community, my family?
3. What does it mean to act like a baby?
4. Read John 12:1-8.

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