Aug 04 2012

ReEmergent Church: Are we an interest group or a kingdom of disciples and evangelists?

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Reblogged from Mercy not Sacrifice: I get that we live in a morally complex world, but I want us to do better. The Chick-Fil-A drama has been a series of disappointments for me on all sides. I’m disappointed at progressives for uncritically circulating misinformation about what Chick-Fil-A’s Don and Dan Cathy actually said and who [...]

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    “Jesus doesn’t need us to stand up for Him. He didn’t stand up for Himself. He let Himself get crucified, so that He could stand up for sinners like you and me who don’t deserve to be stood up for.”

    The comment is in no way related to the events of Chick-Fil-A

    Christ came for the expressed purpose to give his life as a sacrifice and there was one person that did stand up for Christ..Peter. Peter who cut off a mans ear in defense of Christ but that was not the plan. It was not Christ’s destiny to be saved from harm.

    From the book of Acts forward the apologist emerge clearly in defense of the faith.
    Stephen stones to death before angry crowds. Paul under arrest and saved from an angry crowd. Scripture is loaded with do’s, go’s,, teach, defend the faith.
    Was this done in private or in the open air?
    The Bible instructs us to preach the gospel ,contend for the faith. Jude 3, Acts 7 and Acts 17.

    Early Apologists petitioned and argued against immoralities of paganism and the myths of its divinities. They defended publicly false accusations against the Christian Community.

    Edgar J. Goodspeed says, “It was natural that intelligent Christians should undertake to repel these attacks (against Christianity) and defend themselves against the hostility of the empire. A beginning in this direction was made in Egypt, very early in the second century, in the Preaching of Peter. But a more formal appeal to the emperor himself was soon after written by a Greek named Quadratus and presented to the emperor Hadrian perhaps at Athens when Hadrian visited that city in 125 A.D or later in 129 A.D.”

    Today the defenders of the faith ate chicken at Chick-Fil-A

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    Wesley and Apologetics
    The Methodist movement, not unlike the early church, was forged in the context of controversy and heresy. It was vigilantly defended by John Wesley and many others, such as early Methodism’s greatest theologian, John Fletcher. John Wesley was always an “apologetic Wesley.”


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