Jun 01 2012

Sandpiper's Thoughts: Five Summer Things

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This from the Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals.  And it's even Friday:

In my neck of the woods folks who have children of a certain age are doing a dead sprint through end of school year activities: piano recitals, baseball tournaments, travel soccer games, gymnastics meets, dance recitals, graduations, band concerts, field trips and end-of-the year fill in the blank.

I'm ready for Summer. True, I still have to work, but I'm ready for a different rhythm, some more free space to do stuff and the trips we have planned.

Please tell us five things you are doing this Summer.

Bonus? One thing you're not doing, but WANT to be doing.

Here where we live, school is already out for both our college student and our high school student, but the question hits the nail on the head -- we have been rushing in a dead sprint through all of the end of year activities, especially musical ones.  In fact, I just got home from a piano recital. 
Five things I'll be doing this summer:
  1. Spending much of the beginning of summer with our youngest or my hubby away from home.  June into July is a travel month.  We'll start with Annual Conference, then J goes to an Arts Academy and then he goes to SYC.  After that, Steve is going on his bike ride (second one for June), and soon after he gets back, we're going on vacation.
  2. When we get back from vacation, I'll be co-coordinating the volunteers for the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference in Charleston.  And up until that time, I'll be working to get ready for it.  I'll be glad when that is done.
  3. I hope I can find the time to learn to how to use Photoshop Expressions.  I just keep learning bits and pieces of it, but I want to learn it intentionally.
  4. Read more.  I'm not sure that related to it being summer, though.  I used to read without any effort, but now I have to intentionally find the time for it.
  5. Did I say go to the beach?  Go to the beach.  We didn't go last year; we cruised instead.  That was great, but I'm looking forward to beach.
One thing I won't be doing that I would like to do?  Hmmm.  Going to Scotland/Ireland/Britain.  Cruising the coast of New England and Canada.  Parking in our garage (although by the end of summer, maybe). 

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