Jun 22 2012

A Naked Alien: A Lovers’ Spat

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A love letter from a hurt Paul:

As we move on in our God-work together, I urge you not to take His grace to you and to the world so lightly! He has said: "In My non-linear time I have/will listened to you. On the Day of Salvation, I have/will saved you." Pay attention - God's time is always in the here-and-now! Look around you - your salvation is upon you!

I have placed no additional burdens of Law upon you, no shackles of pre-judgment, no hoops to jump through; your salvation does not depend upon me or the success of my ministry. I have witnessed to you, and served you by showing you how to be His servant. I have endured pains, trials and tribulations for you and for my Savior.

I been beat, jailed, tortured, and starved by the world for daring to follow Jesus and for having the audacity to love and help you. I have spoken to you with pure intent, in wisdom, with patience and kindness, filled with he Spirit and with love towards you. I have spoken to you in open truth, fully armed in righteousness.

I have been there for you when you've respected me and dis-respected me, when you raised my name or when you tried to soil it, when you rejected my words and treated me like an impostor. I have preached on! I have taught as a famous unknown and as the living dead, as a punished survivor and as a happy mourner, as a poor-enricher and as a penniless owner of the world.

I've been as frank as I can with you cold-hearted Corinthians! My heart and arms are wide open to you. I place no limits on my love, but you do. So I must speak to you as little children (naive and self-centered by nature): OPEN YOUR HEARTS TOO!

(A retelling of 2 Corinthians 6:1-13)

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