May 14 2012

Crossfusion: Why is Homosexuality an argument instead of a discussion?

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 This week one of my Seminary professors, Dr. John Byron, wonders in his blog why the church isn't having a conversation about homosexuality.  Too often we hear pastors and other members of the church saying that they are "for" or "against", "pro" or "con,' but how often are we actually talking about the problem and searching for what is right?  Surely the Bible has something to say and can inform us as we wrestle with a difficult problem, or have we given up on the authority of scripture?  I find it especially odd that Methodists, who claim to be the people of 'Holy Conferencing', are so quick to draw lines in the sand before having a real, genuine, and honest conversation in pursuit of the truth.

Dr. Byron's Blog:

Homosexuality: When will the church really have a conversation?

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