May 13 2012

thoughtfulpastor: On Healthy Eating

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For the last year, I’ve made a lot of changes to my eating habits in order to eat as healthily as possible.  However, I really don’t like to cook and so many of my own meals are pretty simple affairs.  Since the surgery, I’ve been eating exceptionally well, first as Keith cooked, and he the most creative cook I’ve ever known, and then as church members brought me great food laced with love.  Then when I to got New York City, both sets of families there went out of their way to feed me healthily.

Today, I simply have to show everyone what Adriana, my Colombian-born daughter-in-law, fixed me for breakfast this morning:

Slices of smoked salmon interspersed with fresh avocado, graced by pieces of brie and sprinkled with blackberries and raspberries.  And a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

OK, I am one indulged woman.  No two ways about it.

All of us are seeking to eat “Paleo” or as close as we can to our paleolithic, hunger-gatherer ancestors.  That means fresh meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruits such as berries.  It also means no wheat or other grains, except for some rice, limited dairy, very little sugar or honey or any food that has to be extensively cultivated. Essentially nothing processed.  It’s a hard change, but all of us who have particularly stuck with eliminating wheat have found improvement in health, lowered blood pressure, almost complete elimination of headaches and most intestinal problems.  The majority of the problem with wheat is that all the wheat we eat now  is genetically modified with significant change in its molecular structure in the last 50 years and our bodies are really not adapted to eating it, even though it is delicious.  But with meals like the one above, who cares?

So, even though they don’t celebrate Mother’s Day here in the UK (for churches, it is Christian Aid Day), I’m still celebrating three wonderful sons, three astounding daughters-in-law, and five spectacular grandchildren.

I am so incredibly blessed.

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