May 08 2012

Lake Neuron: Milestones

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I haven’t been to Hawaii, and won’t be going any time soon, but the number Five-O appears to have special significance for me today, so:

Symphony at the CelebrationIn some ways, the passage of time distills down to lost opportunities. But I’m reminded in several ways today of things in which I take a lot of satisfaction. This morning, I’m going to Tullahoma to appear on cable TV talking about the symphony concert. I believe they post this show to YouTube the next day, and I’ll put up a link to it if that’s the case.

If I get done there soon enough, I will rush back to Shelbyville for a birthday lunch with Dad — but he’s got to work a funeral this afternoon, and so we’ve only got a certain window.

Then, tonight, I have Relay For Life meetings, both to review how we did at the crawfish festival and to do some intensive planning for the Relay itself, which is coming up in less than a month.

My wonderful co-workers, knowing I was taking today off, surprised me Monday with a display at my desk, a birthday cake and other munchies.

It should be a good day today.

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