May 06 2012

Google Plus and Hangouts Anyone???

One of the fun activities during GC2012 was the gathering of a group via Google+ and Google Hangouts to talk in real-time about the happenings of the General Conference while watching the live stream. I confess that I haven’t been much of a Google+ fan, but I’m becoming more interested with the recent redesign, and dedicated Google+ users seem to believe that the conversation features are significantly better than conversation on Facebook. I’m not arguing for trying to get folks to switch (first rule of the church — go where the people already are!). However if you have a Google+ account, would you be interested in some MethoConversation in that space? Also, if we were to schedule a weekly hangout to talk about faith and our church each week, would you be interested in participating. Name your preferred day of the week and time to hangout in the comments, and we will see what we can work out.

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  1. Jennifer Weingardt

    I would like to discuss faith and the church on Google+. Thursday afternoons work for me.

  2. Brad S

    Definitely interested

  3. Gavin Richardson

    I am always up for a good conversation.

  4. Merrilee

    I would love to gather and chat. Tuesday or Thursday early am look good right now.

  5. theresa

    Just let me know when and where.

  6. Andrew S.

    I’ve been looking for ways to use the hangouts, and would like to try it out. I prefer weekdays during the day. Tuesday or Friday mornings may be best, but I may be able to swing other times.

  7. Nancy Cole

    Interested in joining a discussion group. Thursdays or Fridays would be good.

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