May 07 2012

Thoughts From The Heart On The Left: Diary of a Delegate: rebuttal – Some More Equal than Others

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I received a comment on my last post (and have received several mentions on Twitter) decrying my efforts with my colleagues as overly political, pushing an agenda, and even Machiavellian or Orwellian. My commenter wrote: “The only totalitarianism is the ‘progressive’ caucus forcing their will on the rest of the church. Disgraceful.”

Let me be clear: this was indeed a wild, crazy, political, how-the-sausage-gets-made, messy jumble.

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If you did not follow what transpired over the past few days in Tampa, I encourage you to jump over to Becca Clark's blog and read what she wrote. There are those who would seek to silence her but hers was a voice speaking the truth (I recieved confirmation of that from other sources). There are those who want a return to a more Wesley oriented church but they have no idea what such a church would be. What they want is the authoriatian nature that was Wesley privately, not the church that sought change in the world.

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