May 04 2012

A Naked Alien: Burning The Dead-Wood

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Gustav Klemt

I am the trunk of the Church's tree. My father tends His tree. He removes all the branches (regardless of how green and healthy looking) that bear no fruit. This pruning makes the rest of the tree healthier. This pruning leads to more fruit.
You have already been baptised by what I have taught you. Live in me as I live in you.
The branch can not bear fruit without the trunk. Remember, you are my branches and I am your trunk! If the sap flows, you will be fruitful - without the sap flowing through the trunk you will be fruitless. The pruned will be tossed aside - dead-wood that attracts insects and destroys the health of the tree. The useless branches will wither and dry without the sap until they are gathered up and thrown into the fire.
Live in me as I live in you. Trust in the trunk, and your branches will be heavy with abundant fruit to share.
(Retelling of John 15:1-8)
In the name of the Farmer, the Trunk and the Holy Sap, Amen.

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