May 03 2012

Nikos: Bible Study Summary – Upcoming Sunday’s Scriptures

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May 6 Sermon – “Three Simple Rules: Do Good”

I John 4:7-21

-         This passage can be summed up in three words: God is love.
-         Love originates from God.
-         Verse 9 – Jesus is the greatest expression of God’s love.
-         Verses 11 & 12 – We can only see the Father by focusing on Jesus.

John 15:1-8

-         John probably has in mind Isaiah 5:1-7 and how God has lovingly prepared a vineyard for Israel.  The problem is that Israel (the vine) has yielded bad grapes so the vineyard was destroyed.
-         Jesus is the true vine and the church is to bear fruit by abiding in Christ.
-         V. 5b - Shared life with each other and with God is the basis for being fruitful.
-         V. 7 – The key is to stay in communion with Christ.
-         V. 8 - God’s power and authority are shown through our fruit.  We represent Jesus in the world.

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