Apr 02 2012

We Your People, Ours the Journey: Sermon: Point of Choice

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“Point of Choice”

(Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012) The choice with which Jesus presents us, laid bare before us on Palm Sunday, is a choice between orienting our lives around violence, power, hatred, and pain, or orienting them around Love. Which do you choose? (Mark 11:1-11)

This sermon is another response to the Melissa Jenkins tragedy of this past week, and readers of this blog will notice a similarity to last week’s blog post “The Problem of Evil.” This is essentially those same reflections, but more intentionally set in the context of Holy Week.

(In the sermon, I say that Melissa was killed on Monday night of last week. She actually died on Sunday night and the public learned of her death on Monday. Sometimes when I’m all emotional I make mistakes [sometimes I just make mistakes]. Sorry for the inaccuracy.)

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