Apr 13 2012

MethoBlog Partnering with UMNS to Host GC2012 Site

We at the MethoBlogger have been working hard to get ready for General Conference, and we are please to announce that we are partnering with the good folks at United Methodist News Service to bring you a hub for blog posts, articles, and conversation during the 2012 event in Tampa. While the site is still in development and not fully populated, you will want to check out www.gc2012newsroom.com as your source for coverage about the General Conference. We will be posting material on this site and coordinating social media efforts from the newsroom at GC2012. We are excited about this partnership and seeing if we can’t make this be best covered General Conference ever.

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  1. John Leek

    Good work y’all. I’m glad to see being done. It’ll be good to hear many voices.

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