Apr 01 2012

Lake Neuron: A Princess of Mars

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As I posted on Facebook the other day, I’d been looking for some cheap Kindle reading material and decided to download some of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels about Barsoom, the source material for the current movie “John Carter.” The movie has become notorious as a flop – it was hugely expensive and would have had to become a huge hit in order to be considered successful, and it hasn’t been. But at least one of my friends commented on the Facebook post that she and her daughter enjoyed the movie (“Not our fave, but fun.”).

It’s been a crazy weekend – my father was in a wreck on Saturday; he’s bruised, has a gash on his arm, but otherwise OK. But I’ve gotten to make some progress tonight on A Princess of Mars, the origin story and primary source for “John Carter.” The story was first published in 1912. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s definitely better than The Mysterious Island, another proto-science fiction classic and the last Kindle public domain classic literature freebie I blogged about.

Burroughs, of course, was much better known for creating Tarzan, but some have said his Barsoom books have actually been more influential, establishing characters and situations which would be reused and expanded upon by later generations of fantasy writers.

The movie is still showing in Tullahoma, but I don’t want to see it until I’ve finished the book, and maybe not until I’ve finished all three or four of the Barsoom books I’ve downloaded. So I may just have to wait and watch it on DVD. I don’t want to spend the extra money on 3D anyway.

I like the fact that Amazon offers free public domain classic literature for the Kindle. I’m still waiting for a can’t miss deal on a non-fiction book, or a couple of books for which I’m on the waiting list at the library’s e-book site. But for now, John Carter and his adventures are childish fun.

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