Mar 22 2012

Disciple Dojo - JMSmith.org: Leaving India…and new friends

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I’m sitting in the airport lounge in Delhi right now waiting for my flight to Paris…then to Atlanta…then finally to Charlotte. 36 hrs of travel time total.

During this layover I checked my email and found the following message in my inbox from my new friend Rohini.

I am really very much exciting to get reply from you, I believe it is really God’s plan and He introduced me with His Choicest servant like you, Your resources are really a great blessing for all of us here. Thank you so much for all you efforts. May God continue to use you even more and more in the coming days. Please convey my regards to Ps. [Pastor] Talbot and Criss [Chris] as well, I will definitely convey your greetings to all the pastors here. I am praying for you all and Please do keep in touch and please send update insights when ever you discover from the Bible, I know you have oceans of knowledge God has restored in you. I will be going through your website daily in fact I have taken some of your tube  videos from there apart from the materials you have left for us. You have really a been a blessing in my life and ministry. I Know God is with you and you will travel safely to your home. Praying for you. Plz always remember me in your prayer.

Love you, Thank you,
With regards,

Rohini was my translator during our 2nd conference here in India and one of the main reasons anything I taught during my sessions was able to be understood by the pastors from Kandhamal.

He was a gift from God.

I asked him during our final session, when he served to translate for me during our healing prayer time, if I could pray for him for anything. He said that he was wanting to do further studies in Biblical languages so that he could translate the Bible into Oriya (the language of Odisha/Orissa in India) and better teach and preach from the original text of Scripture.

So I prayed that God would provide the finances needed for him to be able to continue his theological education toward the goal of an eventual Ph.D.  I invite all Dojo readers to do the same. There is a HUGE need for solid Biblical teaching among the Church in Orissa, and God is raising up people like Rohini and the other pastors who were part of the conference to fill that void.

I’m not sure what role Disciple Dojo will play in helping equip my new friends in Kandhamal…but I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in mind.

I would like to send more resources to the pastors there, so any donations will help me do more for them. If you would like to help provide more Dojo resources to brothers and sisters such as Rohini, as well as help me be able to return to them to teach again in the future, you can send your gift of any amount to:

Disciple Dojo L3C
13623 Christian Tyler Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28278

Thanks for any support you can spare and I can’t wait to be back in Charlotte after 2 days in airports without a shower!




ps: Once I’m home and have had a chance to process everything, I will write a post about the trip and what all we did here. So stay tuned…

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