Oct 24 2014

Sacredise: Saying No to God

The first word one of my children learned to say was, “No!” – usually with his finger pointed strongly in the direction of the person to whom he was speaking. As parents, in spite of the frustration these finger-pointing negations sometimes caused, we celebrated his ability to speak his own truth to power (us). He […]

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Oct 24 2014

Begin Again: TGIF: Gratitude for Perspective

First I would like to say thank you to Terri Stewart for offering her gratitude last week. Between travel, connection issues, and health that day, I was unable to write. I am still processing my trip to the Grand Canyon and today I am grateful for the perspective on life and connectedness my experience gave…

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Oct 23 2014

Mitchell Lewis: What a Chaplain Does

What does a #UMC chaplain do? Today I coordinated a bilingual memorial mass for a member of the command from Puerto Rico.

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Oct 23 2014

Mercy Not Sacrifice: Why I like Pope Francis’ “God of surprises”

It’s little secret that progressive evangelicals like me have a huge crush on Pope Francis and probably project a lot of unmerited wishful thinking onto him. The Roman church’s recent synod on the family revealed among other things how little power Francis actually has to impose change by fiat. I respect him for patiently seeking [Read More...]

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Oct 23 2014

Adventures In Revland: Reflection on UNC by a Duke Fan

As a Duke fan I look at the news that is coming out about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and their student athletes with remorse and sorrow.  I don’t read articles about them taking teacherless classes with silent cheers or a cons…

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Oct 23 2014

SOUND BITES: Something to chew on that is good for the soul™: GOD INCOGNITO

You have to trust the author.  You have to believe that God has a good reason for keeping His presence subtle.  It allows creatures as small and frail as human beings the capacity for choice that we would never have in the obvious presence of…

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