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As a part of our Last Lecture sermon series, today was about dreaming big...I gave everyone crayons & note cards to write their dreams for our church.  Some are in pictures & can't be written here, but I am touched & moved by the dreams that this congregation has within them....Now, comes the work of living into these dreams.  

Growth in numbers
Growth in Spirit
Growth in outreach into community & beyond
Growth in care of our building
Growth in programs of all areas of the church

Dreaming Big for Christ

Make the church more handicap accessible

Lots of young families in church

2 services (or more) full :)

Keep memories alive

Love & tolerating one another

Peace in the world & people getting along

To be a better person tomorrow than I was today

To be a better person

I dream for people...dreams for people that don’t dream...BIG dreams are good.

I dream of a church with fellowship area & kitchen on same level as worship area...in other words, no stairs.

Coffee house for adults, youth, & children’s meetings after school to hang out, play games, work on homework, etc…

People using their God given skills to help or serve others

Where we are all accepted for who we are

A full church every Sunday

Families with young children journeying with our Faith family

Successful building drive ($$); Break ground for building rennovations

I want to go to college & get a good education

Walk hand in hand with God’s love

larger attendance & more prayers to God

A full building

All the pews filled every Sunday

To dream for people & loved ones & for those who have lost someone

A bigger & better music program

Loving, comfortable, growth, acceptance, welcoming

More people come to our church

Enough food, clothing, housing, understanding, health, compassion, love, generosity, peace, education for all

No more Malaria

Vital discipleship

Be a positive force in the universe

Dreams of peace

To better our food pantry for our church & our community

Find a way to raise money for the new furnace

That the building program will happen

That we can help more families who are in need

That the people of the world can live in peace

A full & happy church

I dream of a new furnace & a new kitchen & a bigger congregation

I love the church
The church will grow & renew

Remove hunger

All live as one

More mission work by all ages to bring Jesus to everyone

Show people how the love of God can enrich the lives of individuals & their own lives

Let the Holy Spirit take over all thoughts & actions of our everyday lives.

Feel the love of God & pass that love on

I dream the church will become a huge church

That there was 1,000 people at church

That the building was big enough for 1,000 people

To get more people to come to our church & worship with us

I dream for more people coming here.

I dream to be a better person today & tomorrow

I dream a church that smells like cinnamon rolls

I dream a church that sounds like a song

I dream a church that looks like a welcoming place for all

I dream a church that has a treehouse playground outside

I dream that we all love each other

I’ll dream of someone to take over the corn stand after next year

I dream of air conditioning in the summer

I dream for our church to get bigger in membership & and in space

Full pews hearing God’s words

Larger sanctuary to hold more people.

I dream of a choir & congregation singing the “old time” hymns on Sundays

A social atmosphere for people to have fun together socially

I dream a church helping others

I dream a church getting the Holy Spirit out

I dream a church spreading joy & learning the needs of others

I dream a church that learns to listen to God for doing & keeps on doing

A nicer kitchen; memorial steps; air conditioning

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