| Death and New Life: Welcome In This Place

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Thursday I prayed for a friend who's meeting a church this weekend. They may hire him and it would be an amazing opportunity. I played this song as we met.

We both cried as we connected with God's work and presence in his life.

Friday night I sat in the room of a woman who's been hospitalized for months. She's a Christian and is expected to die soon.

I sang a few lines from this song to her over and over. "You are welcome in this place, you are welcome in this place; God of power, love and grace, saturate my soul."

As I sang her heart rate dropped five beats per minute. I took that to mean that she was receiving comfort. If she could communicate with me otherwise I couldn't tell.

My friend is looking forward to a career in the ministry of Jesus. God is welcome in that place.

An older lady is nearing the very end of her earthly life. God is welcome in that place.

Holy Spirit, come.

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