It’s that time of year…

editor2c2013 is hear and we are still plugging away here at the MethoBlog. Every day some 500+ of you drop by to catch up on the latest in Methodist related blogposts and news. We are a one stop shop for musings in the MethoWorld and we are pleased to be able to offer you this service.

While we offer the occasional advertisement on the site, we don’t bring in a lot of money through those ads, and we are dependent on the donations of individuals to help pay for our hosting and other costs. If this was a full-time business for us then we might work harder to make advertising work (maximizing page views) but we’re pastors with full-time appointments and limited in our ability to work on the site. So, we ask those who benefit from the MethoBlog to kick in every so often to help us pay the bills. The beginning of the year is one of those times.

We currently aggregate content from over 300 different sites, aggregating that content and providing a centralized repository for Methodist related blogs. If every supporting blog would be willing and able to donate a couple of bucks toward the cause we would be able to cover our annual costs for hosting the site.

There is a widget on the front page with a donate button. Please click there and contribute what you can to help keep the MethoBlog running for another year.

Thanks again for all your support of the MethoBlog.

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