The MethoBlog Top Ten

Earlier today I received an e-mail from a friend at another site who was trying to identify the top United Methodist related bloggers. While I frankly don’t know how representative the MethoBlog is of all of United Methodism, we DO compile some 300 sites here, and as such should be able to massage our numbers to identify the most read United Methodist bloggers on our site.

SO, in what I hope will be a regular yearly occurence, here are the top 10 MethoBloggers for the past 365 days based on the number of click-thrus to their sites. We chose to remove the news service sites ( and UMR) as they naturally get a lot of hits, as well as aggregator sites like UM-Insight since it basically republishes other’s material, so the names listed here represent individual bloggers.

1)  John Meunier (

2) Jay Voorhees (
3) Richard Hall (
4) Wes Magruder (
5) Craig Adams (
6) Barefoot Preacher (
9) Cloaked Monk (
Congrats to all listed above for their fine work. In the comments below, why don’t you list your personal top ten list of the United Methodist related blogs you read the most.


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