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Think for a moment about the disease that we no longer worry about because of the dedication and research of those of generations before us: scurvy, polio, bubonic plague.  We don’t give much thought to these anymore.  In the USA we would include MALARIA on that list, but that is not so for much of the Developing World.  However there is a plan to eradicate, and YOU can be a part of the solution.
One lesson we learned from General Conference 2012 is that The United Methodist Church is increasingly a WORLDWIDE church.  The number of Africans United Methodists is approaching 5 million.  It is one area where the church is growing the most.  Our brothers and sisters there need our help in serving their neighbors.  Our missional focus for Annual Conference this year is Imagine No Malaria, a campaign to STOP malaria for good.  This is a world-wide effort of the people of The United Methodist Church to raise $75 million to eliminate death and suffering from malaria in Africa by 2015. This comprehensive approach to beating malaria through prevention, education,
communication and treatment.  Malaria is both preventable and treatable. There is currently a plan to eliminate malaria
in our lifetime.  For more than 160 years the denomination has been a key player in the fight against malaria, operating hospitals, clinics and mission centers across Africa.  Through our partnership in ministry with them, we can look forward to the day that we can celebrate the elimination of malaria around the world.
So what can you do?  We will present a special offering at Annual Conference the week of June 4.  We will focus on this special offering here throughout the month of June.  Your gifts, over and above your regular giving, will make a huge difference.  Every contribution makes a huge difference.  $10 buys an insecticide-treated net, one of the most effective methods of prevention.  As little as $28 a month will impact 100 people in prevention, medications, and education.  As with every donation to these projects, 100% of the donation does directly to the project.
Would you join me in this fight against a needless killer?  Together let’s Imagine No Malaria to threaten our brothers and sisters around the world.  For more information, visit our website

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