A Quick Update on E-Mail Subscriptions

When we first setup the new and improved MethoBlog site we made a decision to offer folks the option to subscribe to the site via e-mail. We chose to use the WordPress included subscription option (found in their Jetpack module) without realizing that it gave us almost no ability to manage our subscriptions, how often folks receive e-mails, and no means by which to cancel a subscription. When folks started receiving 30+ e-mails a day for us (one e-mail per post) they asked us to unsubscribe them, which we couldn’t do. So much for the Jetpack module!

We have moved to a different module for e-mail subscriptions, and I believe we moved everyone under the old system to the new one. This new service sends two e-mails each day, containing a list of the posts submitted since the last e-mail. We have disabled the other subscription module which should have stopped the plethora of messages coming to you, but in case you are still getting those messages, please scroll to the bottom of the e-mail and unsubscribe.

We’re sorry for the confusion. We think this is fixed now, and appreciate your patience.


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